Bellboy Lukas’ training in the service industry isn’t up to scratch. Luckily StraightHell are willing to further his education by teaching hetero Lukas how to pleasure a man’s cock. He deep-throats the hard dick until bucketfuls of thick pungent bile from the back of his throat spills up to drench Adrian’s cock and the pristine hotel bed sheets. With all the mess he makes the guests call reception who send a surprised member of staff to discover his colleague bound and being wanked off. The staff member strips and is sucked off by the captive bellboy whose given a further lesson in oral servitude. He is made to kneel and open his mouth wide to receive a load of fresh cum down his gullet. Lukas’ own cock is aching hard after all that agonizing teasing. Adrian uses his strong grip to milk the fucker dry.

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