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Rod Daily and Tyler Alexander fight with raging hard cocks for the right to fuck in the first installment of NK's 10-Man Kombatant Summer Smackdo Best friends, furry Latin hunk Alessio Romero and ebony muscle-god Race Cooper, wrestle each other and winner fucks loser with a brutal vengeance. Hot stud Jeremy Stevens takes on sexy Jessie Colter in their first NK fight ever!
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With only one spot left in the quarter finals, Alex "The Axe" Adams takes on Doug "The Destroyer" Acre in a battle of sexual domin Two hot studs fight and fuck in water. Krav Maga vs good ol' fashioned scrappin'. Will Brendan Patricks' classical training defeat his opponent? Or is Lance Hart strong enoug
Two hot newcomers are thirsty for victory as they fight balls to the wall to come out on top A big dicked, chiseled stud battles it out on the mat with an all-American bad boy for the right to celebrate with a hard and rough victory fuck. Lust vs Vega for sexual domination.
The thrilling conclusion of DJ and Steve Sterling wrestle to the sex in Naked Kombat. Four hot studs wrestle in an epic tag team match in front of a live audience. The extreme action continues through the explosive suck and fuck finale. Two heavyweight fighters slam each other into the mat in an all out battle for sexual domination.
Muscle stud Will Parks battles it out with the giant Blake Daniels Confidence vs experience -- which will decide who is Top Cock? Jeremy Stevens and Marcus Ruhl are oiled down as they fight for sexual dominancy
Muscular hunks Gavin Waters and Roman Wright fight for the right to fuck the other. Tight ripped bodies, big meaty cocks, beautiful round bubble butts, and mad wrestling skills... two studs fight for the chance to fuck some loser ass. Ultra hot newcomer, Tatum "The Beast" takes on one of NK's finest, Eli "The Hammer" Hunter
Two hot bodied studs push each other to the limit on the mat and then push each other over the edge with a brutal suck and fuck session. Randall O'Reilly is back with a vengeance against newcomer Damian Taylor Ripped and hung Drake Jaden wrestles a newcomer with a huge cock of his own for the chance to brutally dominate and fuck the loser's hole in vict

Chad Brock and Morgan Black go head to head in an intense match. The loser gets his throat fucked, gets bound with athletic tape, and cums hard while This is Trent Diesel's last shoot ever! Muscle studs with big dicks fight and fuck for real. Tommy Defendi strokes his nine inch cock and fights Dan Caroggio in oil.
Two muscular naked fighters wrestle for sexual dominance. Zach Alexander and Micah Andrews fight for real and fuck all over the mat. Two NK veterans go head to head in a brutal revenge rematch! Two ripped studs fight naked in oil and the winner fucks the loser.
Two naked athletes fight and have sex in front of a live audience! Badass newcomer Scott "The Marine" Harbor thinks he has what it takes to take down the undefeated, Doug "The Destroyer" Acre Phillip Aubrey and DJ slam each other around the mat to see who gets fucked hard. Two studs battle it out in a powerful and sexy grudge match that ends with the winner pounding the loser's ass in a hot tub.
Two big, beefy muscle men with huge cocks battle it out on the mat for ultimate control and the reward of fucking the loser's hot, meaty ass. Two hot football players go balls to the wall on Sports Gear Smackdown Two muscled studs fight it out on the mat for the bragging rights that come with victory and the chance to fuck the loser's tight hole in celebra The elimination rounds continue as Bryan Cole and Randall O'Reilly fight for the right to fuck in our Summer Smackdown Tournament!
Two of NK's finest fight with their giant cocks out for a battle of sexual dominancy! Two of NK's finest fight with their giant cocks out for a battle of sexual dominancy! Two All-American studs with big cocks wrestle hard... winner fucks loser. One will earn a victory fuck and one will have his hole pounded wide open. Trent Diesel vs Colby Jansen in jocks ripping round 2.
Ripped Zach Alexander dominates Tucker Scott with his huge cock. Two hot newcomers duke it out in an all out battle for sexual domination and control A Latino hunk and a sexy, chiseled stud wrestle while bound together. There is no escape from the non-stop action or the fiery fucking that follows. East Coast stud fights West Coast stud for the right to fuck.
Two hot newcomers fight balls to the wall for the right to fuck! Patrick Rouge and Spencer Reed are going all out, fighting and fucking on Naked Kombat. Two ripped studs fight and fuck hard! Ripped bod takes on ripped bod -- No matter who loses, we all win!
The Summer Smackdown Tournament continues as Patrick Rouge and Randall O'Reilly fight with all their might for the right to fuck A bodybuilder and a hot stud fight for total domination. Winner will celebrate with a victory fuck... loser will have his hole pounded in humiliation. Hot newcomer Abel "Armbar" Archer thinks he has what it takes to go up against one of NK's veterans, Jessie "Cut-Throat" Colt Rugby Player vs. Boxer as Two Muscled Hunks Duke it Out and Fuck on the Mat

It's hot bodies, hard wrestling, big cocks and a brutal suck and fuck finale when a muscle stud fights a sexy all-American jock - winner fucks lo Spencer Reed pound and ground Ty Tucker and fucks his ass. Jimmy "The Bulldozer" Bullet and Jay "Slick-Dick" Rising hold nothing back as they battle for complete, sexual dominancy Eli "The Hammer" Hunter challenges NK's own Sebastian "The Tiger" Keys to a bout for sexual domination!
Trent Diesel defeats Patrick Rouge and moves on to top Alex Slater. Phenix Saint pins Patrick Rouge's face to the mat and fucks him all out. Seth "The Tsunami" Santoro returns for ultimate redemption against Brock "The Big Show" Avery Two muscular studs fight and fuck for real in oil.
Loser gets his head shoved in the urinal before he's fucked into submission Phenix Saint gets Jason Miller in a full nelson and fucks him hard. Four of NKs toughest and hottest wrestlers come together for one extreme tag team match in front a crowd of screaming fans. Beefy Paul Wagner takes on lean and fast Hayden Russo and the winner gives the loser a hot ass pounding.
Two crazy ripped studs battle it out on the mat to save their hot asses from getting pounded by the winner's huge cock. Two raging bulls clash on the mat to determine who's ass gets destroyed in the sex round Two hot newcomers step onto the mat for sexual domination Two muscled studs get oiled down and fight for sexual domination!
Dayton "The D.O.C." O'Connor fights for redemption against the undefeated Connor "The Pulverizer" Patricks Christian Owen pins down Lexx Scott and fucks him senseless. Fresh meat Tony Hunter vs. Sebastian Keys on the brand new NK mat Four stud tag team fight in jocks ripping round.
Brian Bonds vs. Jason Styles: The bigger they are, the harder their cocks... Two hot studs go balls to the wall fighting for sexual dominance. A vicious wrestling match gives was to a hot fucking with wedgies, facesitting and CBT. Four hot muscle studs in an aggressive tag team match in front of a live audience. Winners celebrate by fucking, fisting and DPing the losers!
Naked muscle stud wrestles him opponent to the ground and fucks him. Knight vs. Strokes - Two Eight Inch Cocks Fight for Sexual Domination Four ripped studs with huge cocks battle it out in a tag team match in front of a live audience with a victory fuck where hard cocks pound hot butts. Cayden Banks and Shane Erickson fight and fuck in hot oil.
Lean studs with gorgeous dicks tussle on the mat -- winner fucks loser! The elimination rounds of The Summer Smackdown Tournament are coming to an end with two muscled gods fighting for sexual dominancy The Summer Smackdown Tournament continues into round 8 as Leo "The Force" Forte and Randall "The Rock" O'Reilly fight for the Shane Erickson and Christian Wilde fight unscripted for sexual domination.