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Hung stud Jay Rising takes on ripped hunk Jonah Marx: who's ass gets fucked?! Two titans battle naked in the mud. Two All-American studs with big cocks wrestle hard... winner fucks loser. One will earn a victory fuck and one will have his hole pounded wide open.
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30 Minutes of Torment
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Intense Live Tag-Team Match! Muscular hunks Gavin Waters and Roman Wright fight for the right to fuck the other. Two hot football players go balls to the wall on Sports Gear Smackdown
Bad-boy Tober Brandt gets pounded on the mat then pounded in the ass. Huge dicked Tyler Saint takes on a young muscle stud. Skill and experience versus youth and endurance. Someone's getting their ass pounded either Two hot studs with huge rock hard cocks, fight for real!
Newbie Tony Hunter takes on Veteran Sebastian Keys in jocks Ripped bod takes on ripped bod -- No matter who loses, we all win! Two hot pups wrestle for sexual domination.
Hot stud Jeremy Stevens takes on sexy Jessie Colter in their first NK fight ever! Randall O'Reilly is back with a vengeance against newcomer Damian Taylor Muscle and power versus speed and agility, Brock "The Big Show" Avery & Alexander "The Great" Gustavo fight for the right to f
A Latino hunk and a sexy, chiseled stud wrestle while bound together. There is no escape from the non-stop action or the fiery fucking that follows. Two muscular professional fighters are going at it for real - the winner fucks the loser! Hot ripped newcomer, Alexander "The Great" Gustavo goes up against Dominic "The Dominator" Pacifico for a battle of sexual dominan
Two muscled studs fight it out on the mat for the bragging rights that come with victory and the chance to fuck the loser's tight hole in celebra Loser gets his head shoved in the urinal before he's fucked into submission Brian Bonds vs. Jason Styles: The bigger they are, the harder their cocks...
A furry, Latin, muscle stud with a big cock wrestles a young, agile, uncut hunk for the right to a brutal suck and fuck victory celebration. Vance "The Vice" Crawford takes on Cameron "The Kin-Killer-Cade" with the first oil match of the season Shane Frost and Zach Alexander hit the mat hard and fuck even harder.
Extreme Gay Sex Two hot, hung studs wrestle for the right to a brutal victory fuck that will leave the loser's ass sore and in shame. Summer Smackdown is back with muscled hunks Dirk "The Claymore" Caber & Jessie "Cut-Throat" Colter as they fight their way to
Two hot newcomers fight with raging hard cocks for sexual domination! Huge-dicked muscle god takes on sexy stud in a brutal match ending in a fiery victory fuck for the winner and total humiliation for the loser. Gay Forced Galleries
Our Summer Smackdown Tournament continues with cocky stud Brock "The Big Show" Avery facing off against the muscled Mitch "The Machine& Newcomer Tripp "Takedown" Townsend challenges Cameron "The Kin-Killer-Cade" for a match of sexual aggression and total domination Will a sexy newcomer's first NK match leave him celebrating a win over a ripped up powerhouse or will it leave him brutally violated and humiliat

30 minutes of torment
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bound gods
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bound in public
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butt machine boys
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Four ripped studs with huge cocks battle it out in a tag team match in front of a live audience with a victory fuck where hard cocks pound hot butts. Slave Gay Bdsm Big cock Will Parks takes on Sebastian Keys for first time on NK Two muscular studs fight and fuck for real in oil.
Heavy flesh on flesh contact and trash talk in this energetic bout! Paul Wagner and Sebastian Keys battle it out on the mat to see who gets humiliated and fucked doggie style. Ripped Zach Alexander dominates Tucker Scott with his huge cock. Shane Erickson and Christian Wilde fight unscripted for sexual domination.
Landon Conrad and Alex Adams oil down their muscled bodies as they go balls to the wall for sexual domination Zach Alexander and Micah Andrews fight for real and fuck all over the mat. Naked muscle stud wrestles him opponent to the ground and fucks him. Confidence vs experience -- which will decide who is Top Cock?
Newcomer Conrad "The Conqueror" Logun is the only thing standing in Will "The Punisher" Parks' way of sexual redemption The elimination rounds of The Summer Smackdown Tournament are coming to an end with two muscled gods fighting for sexual dominancy Rylan Knox and Brendan Patrick grapple naked on the mat to determine who should be the team captain, and who should get fucked and covered in cum Two studs battle it out in a powerful and sexy grudge match that ends with the winner pounding the loser's ass in a hot tub.
Four hot studs wrestle in an epic tag team match in front of a live audience. The extreme action continues through the explosive suck and fuck finale. Two raging bulls clash on the mat to determine who's ass gets destroyed in the sex round Two hot studs give their all in a fight for sexual domination. Two college studs go head to head in a battle to see who gets fucked hard on the mat.
The quarter finals of the Summer Smackdown Tournament come to a close as Doug Acre and Marcus Ruhl face off for one intense "David and Goliath&qu Hot newcomer Abel "Armbar" Archer thinks he has what it takes to go up against one of NK's veterans, Jessie "Cut-Throat" Colt Two hot studs endure unscripted fight to make the other one his bitch for the day. Patrick Rouge and Spencer Reed are going all out, fighting and fucking on Naked Kombat.
Jessie "Cut-Throat" Colter takes on newcomer Billy "The Bodyslam" Santoro for the first match of the new season! Two muscular naked fighters wrestle for sexual dominance. Hot scrappy newcomer Axel "The Fury" Flint faces off against the undefeated Connor "The Pulverizer" Patricks for the right to fuck The former Summer Smackdown Champion, Leo "TheForce" Forte returns to defend his title against Mitch "The Machine" Vaughn
Trent Diesel and Ryan Rockford dominate each other in an oil match and fuck in the locker room shower. Two ripped studs fight their way to the top, for the right to fuck Two ripped studs are fighting for real and the winner fucks the loser. Ivan "The Terrible" Gregory and Jessie "Cut-Throat" Colter fight for the right to fuck in our last match of 2014!

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naked kombat
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Gay Painful Comics
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Kinky Gays
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Two NK veterans go head to head in a brutal revenge rematch! Two ripped studs fight naked in oil and the winner fucks the loser. Gay Rape Bdsm Porno Alex Adams and Jessie Colter fight for their redemption
Billy "The BodySlam" Santoro gets a second chance for redemption as he takes on Eli "The Hammer" Hunter for a spot in the semi fin Two hot studs going balls to the wall in the jock round. Jimmy "The Bulldozer" Bullet and Jay "Slick-Dick" Rising hold nothing back as they battle for complete, sexual dominancy hd gay forced orgasm
KinkMen favorites Eli Hunter and DJ finally face off in a rowdy Top Cock Two brand new fighters go balls to the wall as they fight for sexual domination! gay porno forced fuck Dominic Pacifico fights for sexual domination against Doug Acre
Two muscled studs get oiled down and fight for sexual domination! Two rivals wrestle in football pads with hard cocks and fuck. rape gay porn games pain gay torture
Two hot newcomers fight balls to the wall for the right to fuck! It's hot bodies, hard wrestling, big cocks and a brutal suck and fuck finale when a muscle stud fights a sexy all-American jock - winner fucks lo Brutaltops Four hot studs battle for sexual dominancy live, in front of a cheering crowd
Muscled studs Nick Capra and Billy Santoro oil themselves up as they fight for top position while the loser gets reamed from behind! Gay Raped Sex Video Four stud tag team fight in jocks ripping round. A newcomer thinks he can dethrone an undefeated wrestler. No matter which way the match goes, someone's getting a rough fucking!
Two ripped boys fight and fuck to the finish. A big dicked, young newcomer takes on a sexy, older stud with experience. Who will be pumping his fist in the air and some ass to the mat in victory? Dean Tucker fights and fucks Ridge Michaels in a sweaty locker room. Military badass Damian Taylor goes balls to the wall against Doug "The Destroyer" Acre
Cameron "The Kin-Killer-Cade" fights Dayton "The Doc" O'Connor for redemption and sexual glory Two studs with huge boners fight naked in oil. Logan Vaughn has his cock relentlessly edged and his ass fucked with a dildo Two studs going at it, a prelim for the tag team match.

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Two ripped muscular studs fight for real and fuck each other in the ass. Two big-dicked muscle men fight for total dominance in a brutal match that ends with a hard fuck and the biggest cum shot in NK history. Hq Gay Bondage Abel "Armbar" Archer returns for redemption going up against Brock "The Big Show" Avery for three grueling rounds, loser gets fuck
Leo Forte takes on Marcus Isaacs, where the winner fucks the loser in a padded cell with straight jacket bondage Tough as nails Brenn Bryson manhandles the athletic Brandon Monroe. Gay Gang Forced Gay Sex Rape Video
male extreme sex Young studs fight for real naked plus full sex! Badass newcomer Jay Rising takes on the muscled hunk Mitch Vaughn in a battle of sexual domination Brutal Sadistic Gay
Badass Jed Athens takes on 8 inch hung stud Jay Rising Paul Wagner swallows James Gates big uncut cock after they fought for sexual domination. Best Gay Rape Video Four muscled studs fight for sexual domination to the sounds of the roaring crowd in an epic tag team bout!
Race Cooper and Leo Forte go balls to the wall in their first NK fight together Phillip Aubrey and DJ slam each other around the mat to see who gets fucked hard. Teammates Scott Harbor and Eli Hunter duke it out on the mat to determine who's ass gets fucked Rugby Player vs. Boxer as Two Muscled Hunks Duke it Out and Fuck on the Mat
Free Forced Gay Bdsm Gay Rape Landon "The Law" Conrad and Randall "The Rock" O'Reilly take on Marcus "Titan" Ruhl and Cameron "The Kin-Kille Gay Bdsm Sex Movies
Jason Miller receives CBT on the new CBT box by the new house dom, Dirk Caber. Forced Gay Sex Pics Ripped and hung Drake Jaden wrestles a newcomer with a huge cock of his own for the chance to brutally dominate and fuck the loser's hole in vict Studly Spencer Reed brutally grinds and pounds John Stone.
Gay Bound Sex Dean Brody has never been in bondage before, so we give him a first time he'll never forget. Two hot newcomers duke it out in an all out battle for sexual domination and control Doug "The Destroyer" Acre fights balls to the wall with Eli "The Hammer" Hunter to secure a spot in the championship finale!

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Submissive Gay Slaves
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Rusty Stevens turns Ben Deep into his bitch in the domination game. Gayporn Rape Gay Rape Sex Videos Chad Brock and Morgan Black go head to head in an intense match. The loser gets his throat fucked, gets bound with athletic tape, and cums hard while
Delinquent students get a lesson in restraint and self control from Sebastian Keys and Branden Forrest forced gay bdsm Agility vs. brawn as a sexy Latin hottie wrestles a beautiful muscle stud for domination of the mat and the victory of a humiliating & powerful fu Two NK newcomers duke it out for the right to fuck
Phenix Saint gets Jason Miller in a full nelson and fucks him hard. Dayton "The D.O.C." O'Connor fights for redemption against the undefeated Connor "The Pulverizer" Patricks The Summer Smackdown Tournament continues as Patrick Rouge and Randall O'Reilly fight with all their might for the right to fuck Raped Gay Sex Video
Naked and hard Tristan Jaxx fights sexy Dean Tucker for the first time. Hot dudes fighting in the nude! Alex Adams takes on Andrew Blue in a surprise lube match Troy "The Tank" Sparks looks to knock Doug "The Destroyer" Acre off of his undefeated winning streak and fuck his ass without merc
Lust vs Vega for sexual domination. Gay Bdsm Fuck Huge dicked Tyler Saint takes on a young muscle stud. Skill and experience versus youth and endurance. Someone's getting their ass pounded either Free Forced Gay Porn
Chris "Mr. Badass" Bines welcomes Cam "The Cannon" Christou to the mat as they put their asses on the line for one smoking hot bou Sebastian "The Tiger" Keys teams up with Seth "The Tsunami" Santoro against Billy "BodySlam" Santoro and Alexander " Two hot studs hold nothing back as they fight for total sexual domination Free Hardcore Gayrape Porn
Spencer Reed pound and ground Ty Tucker and fucks his ass. Forced Gay Rape Beefy Paul Wagner takes on lean and fast Hayden Russo and the winner gives the loser a hot ass pounding. Hung wrestler Zane Anders takes on baseball player John Smith, loser gets a baseball bat shoved up his ass!
Four NK studly superstars compete in an epic tag team match for complete dominance. The winners gang fuck the losers in a brutal fuck-fest. Mitch Vaughn and Rich Kelly step onto the mat for the first time, fighting with raging hard cocks for sexual domination! Brutal Rape Gay Gallery Rape Gay Fuck

The Twinserter shows Max's hungry hole who's the law In this brutally hot tag team match four testosterone filled men tear each other up on the mat then fuck and suck like animals to claim their victory. Daddy Daniel punishes his slave by drill fucking his slave's ass Phenix Saint pins Patrick Rouge's face to the mat and fucks him all out.
Gay Finger Fucked Porn Superstar Christopher Daniels is bound, violated and edged. free forced gay Muscle stud Will Parks battles it out with the giant Blake Daniels
forced gay bdsm Two bodybuilders fight balls to the wall and then fuck! Muscle verses muscle for a chance to fuck. Ripped Shane Erickson fights Kyle Sparks naked in oil.
Violent Gay Forced Anal Violated Brutal Sadistic Gay Raped Gay Sex Video
Two ripped studs fight for real and the winner fucks the loser. Rod Daily and Tyler Alexander fight with raging hard cocks for the right to fuck in the first installment of NK's 10-Man Kombatant Summer Smackdo Muscle studs with big dicks fight and fuck for real. It's the battle of the tough naked men for sexual domination - Dak Ramsey vs Mitch Colby.
Martin Lorenzo and Cameron Adams fight it out for extreme sexual domination. porno gay forced fuck Two crazy ripped studs battle it out on the mat to save their hot asses from getting pounded by the winner's huge cock. Gay Rape Porn Pic
Huge bodybuilder with a big fat cock fights and fucks a hot ripped blond stud. Two muscled gods fight their way to a victorious fucking where the loser takes a fucking machine right up his ass! Tall studs face off in another round of extreme nude wrestling! Steve Sterling and Randall O'Reilly wrestle while the loser is gangbanged
Lean studs with gorgeous dicks tussle on the mat -- winner fucks loser! Hardcore wrestler goes toe to toe with hot muscled stud Gay Sadomasochism Sex Brand new studs Andrew Collins and Rowen Jackson fight for the right to fuck

Patrick Rouge and Wolf Hudson body slam, then slam cock and ass! Four hot studs in a testosterone fueled tag team match in front of a live audience. Who will win and who will gave their hole pounded into oblivion? Two naked studs battle all out in oil for sexual dominance. Dayton O'Connor goes toe to toe with Steve Sterling
Gay Bdsm Pain Sex Tate Ryder and Bryan Cavallo hold nothing back as they fight for the right to fuck! Seth "The Tsunami" Santoro returns for ultimate redemption against Brock "The Big Show" Avery rough gay rape
Muscled gladiators fight and fuck in front of a live audience. A thief with a giant cock gets punished in public Rowen Jackson gets taken down and fucked in a sling by his own BIP crew Horny bathroom cruisers fuck and torment a bound slut, before covering his face in piss and cum
Mike de Marko is bound and beaten by the horny public. The BIP crew infiltrates's 1st ever Bondage Convention, where they make a straight stud take tons of strange cock & loads of cum to Everett Jagger is a "Feisty Slut" for a bar full of horny men Sebastian Keys Insane Birthday Bash - He gets the cattle prod, carousel of cocks and cake in the face while having his ass gang banged.
Doms turn on one of their own in the victim game. Hot stud gets fucked and cum on his face at a public bar. Bryan Cole endures tickle torment and a gang fuck at a public bar. Leo Sweetwood gets stuffed full of cock from both ends in a cruising bathroom before the horny men cover his face in cum
Will Swagger gets humiliated and gang fucked inside Mack Prison Sex Club. Stud in a metal cage is made to service horny bar patrons. Dominic Pacifico gets completely destroyed and gang banged in warehouse full of men. Cock-blocking straight Will Parks is taken down by a group of pissed off gay bar patrons
100 horny men use and abuse a handsome hunk at a party. Jordan Foster gets gang fucked and covered in cum for our Pre-Dore Alley Party Cody Allen bound, humiliated and gang fucked in front of a crowd. Jason Miller is whored out and tormented by a group of horny party goers for BIP's Pre-Halloween Party
Trent Diesel gets tied up, receives cocks and bukake in all directions, and loving it. 19 year old stud with a giant cock gets used and humiliated in public. Micah Andrews turns into a toilet whore for horny men. Presley Wright services the crowd and begs for cock and cum at a local balloon shop



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