Gay Torture
The Sarge and officer Fellows have taken their prisoner into the custody suite for processing. Master Toby strips off his body armour and utility belt. The stench of hot male sweat escapes as he removes his heavy protective layer. Toby knows just how to use a sloppy tongued cock whore like mr wilkins. The sub is put work lapping up the streams of sweat dripping down his Master's body, sucking wet salty beads of toil from Toby's armpit hairs and tongue bathing the Top's body all over. What a dirty little fucker this bottom is.
Getting down on all-fours Master Toby spreads his ass cheeks so his pungent hole can get a good clean courtesy of mr wilkins eager mouth - aided by the Sarge ramming the sub's face deep between Toby's gorgeous globes and putting his boot squarely on the back of it's head to keep it in place. Every breathe mr wilkins struggles to take is tainted with sweat and dirt from his Master's ass.

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