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Joseph has undergone an extraordinary transformation at BreederFuckers. Recently he was strutting through the streets in his baggy gangster clothes, threatening and taking anything he wanted. Now his extreme training has rendered him perfectly submissive. His hands are bound behind his back and put on his knees so he must crawl along miserably slow. He's stark naked so his muscular hard body is on constant display and his tight ass is vulnerable as he turns and bends. Joseph's head is covered and he's blindfolded, but it's still possible to see through to his crushed humiliated expression and the tears trapped on his cheeks. A gap is made to expose his mouth so he can suck dick. Since he can't see he must painfully crawl over the floor searching for the cock to suck. He can only locate it by sniffing out the musty scent of it. The cruel game is amplified as an electric collar is attached around his neck giving him a shock unless he begs for cock and obediently provides the oral service that's demanded of him. He must bend over and expose his slick hetero arsehole while Adrian wanks above it. This tough thug is continuously told how he'll now be pimped out to wealthy gentlemen who will do nothing but fuck and trash him. This will be his only use from now on.

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