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New at BreederFuckers sexy trade like Kirk are too proud to sell their ass on the street. Instead this hetero wants to be a respectable personal trainer, but he's still out in public using his buff body as an advertisement to hire him. It's time this muscular straight bastard stops teasing us and learns what it really means to use his body. Enticed into the BreederFuckers lair for a private personal training session he demonstrates exercises to get fit. Watching Kirk training his well-toned body is all most people get to see in the gym before seeing him change underneath his towel in the locker room. Now it's time to take what we want. He's restrained with a leg spreader and strung up to the ceiling giving easy access to his hard muscular chest and ripped six pack. Spouting homophobic insults and making threats only turns us on more as his body is mauled. His tight white pants with prominent bulge are pulled up tight to wedge into the crack of his perfect ass. His sphincter is so warm and tight. It's the one spot on this lad's body which is strictly a no-go area and which he'd fight fiercely to protect if he wasn't firmly restrained. His pants are yanked aside so his big balls and cock with a long silky foreskin flops out. This lad has such a high sex drive and has a highly sensitised penis so he can't stop himself getting an erection when his dick is stroked. His cock is continuously jerked while his big bum and hard body are flogged so he learns to equate the pain with pleasure. With his stomach flaring painfully red his abs show beautifully. To stop Kirk from wriggling away from us a hook is inserted up his asshole so the shocked hetero is too terrified to move for fear of doing damage to his precious bum. Pegs are attached up his body including on his sensitive nipples and dick. In one swoop they are torn from his body causing him the most intense sensation of shock in his life. This is a work out this straight meathead will never forget!

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