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At BreederFuckers, Bryan is in his football kit because football is a big part of his life, when not pleasuring his wife. Dave examines Bryan and then tells him he is to endure severe spanking training if he is to be allowed to play football again. He straps Bryan to a spanking bench and then rips off his shorts and undies. He takes a paddle and starts spanking Bryan's perfect bare ass. He goes around to look in Bryan's angry face but Bryan is defiant, spitting at him. Dave steps it up. He paddles Bryan's muscular white ass a bright pink. The next stage of the treatment is to make Bryan actively beg to suck cock. Dave takes a belt to him and it is harsh. Bryan jumps out of his skin as his bum is belted good and proper. He begs to suck Dave's cock and so Dave sticks his erect cock in Bryan's mouth and he sucks and deep throats for his life. Dave fills the straight lad's gullet. Dave is so turned on he goes around to Bryan's burning backside and, despite Bryan's cheeks on fire, Dave enters the lad. Bryan endures a very selfish anal fucking from Dave, stretching his anus completely out of shape. Over and over..

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