Forced Gay Rape

If Rob is going to be a sex toy for men he has to cater to whatever fantasy we desire. This mean straight lad looks very hot kitted up in army gear. He's tied up like a new recruit going through the hardest initiation ritual of his life. Rob angrily resists and insults his new owners every chance he gets so needs to be taught to obey. For this straight lad there is no worse hurdle to overcome than the mental anguish of kissing another man. They restrain the hot man and make him open his mouth to theirs while they slather him with their tongues. The most effective way to keep him in check is make it so every breath he takes is given to him by his captors. They tie a rope around his neck and attach it to a weight. There is no mouthing back now. With his hot hairy chest exposed they stroke his bulge till he can't help developing a big stiffy. His underwear is pulled down to reveal his burning erection and big loose balls. It's not about his pleasure. They rub up against his tight arse while smacking his stiffy down. That hairy hole of his is so tempting Adrian can't resist plunging his finger inside to invade his warm anus. The men discipline him by flogging the bastard's body and arse. Pegs are attached up and down his body so that every nerve ending is being stimulated. While getting a beating they are then torn off him so his whole body is aflame with agonizing sensation. Now giving a kiss doesn't seem so bad.

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